Basketball Freestyle Tommy Baker – Biography

Tommy Baker is based in the UK and has been travelling the world for 20 years performing his own brand of basketball freestyle.  Tommy is one of the key pioneers of the basketball freestyle world for drawing his inspiration from the world  of circus juggling and starting his own brand of basketball freestyle.  Tommy is a first, and consequently is known as the ‘Godfather’ of basketball freestylers across the internet.

Tommy’s performances and reputation feature widely across digital platforms as the new generation draw their inspiration from Tommy’s skills and grounded personality.  Tommy has been viewed by millions on Youtube.

Tommy’s freestyle moves have fascinated Hollywood Stars, NBA and soccer legends. In addition, Tommy has pioneered four Guinness World Records, to once again create something new.

Even the legendary Harlem Globetrotters were heavily inspired by Tommy’s freestyle talents.

Tommy is all about creating something new.  His passion is to create, rather than copy.


Here are few of the companies that seen that creative spark in Tommy’s talents and used him to further their brand:


Inspired by Tommy Baker …

The “Spalding / Uhlsport Breakball Team” has become the epitome of the sport “Breakball”, with the inventor Mehmet Kekec, who started the sport in 2000. He was discovered by Youtube & Google in 2007-2008. The first Event was ” YouTube Secret Talents”. This was followed by various performances such as on the Gala Google “Zeitgeist” in London, which in early 2008 at Golf resourt “The Groove” took place. He was named as the inventor of its new street style ” Breakball”. Mehmet opened the full-service agency YOURACT! in Bremen and he had founded the Spalding / Uhlsport Breakball Team. “Breakball” is a combination of street dance, ball-acrobatics and freestyle tricks.


YOURACT! have had numerous successes in Europe, such as ‘Show Production’, video spots and marketing concepts for enthusiastic basketball and football clubs, such as Bayern, EWE Baskets Oldenburg and many other spectacular events. German politicians such as Edmund Stoiber (CSU), actors like Rick Kavanian, Modertor Kai Pflaume and Uli Hoeness were very impressed by the staging and experience.


In 2014, Mehmet Kekec and Tommy Baker recognised the same creative drive in each other and joined forces for the “International Spalding / Uhlsport Breakball Team”. Mehmet Kekec Posted: “Without Tommy Baker and Stefan Schey (Spalding Division Germany), we would not be where we are”.


Tommy Baker is one of the leading and most sought after freestylers in the world. Most recently, he proves it once again by his workshop video with one of the TOP 25 YouTuber KSI at Rule’m Sports and People Are Awesome. Other highlights in the ISB -Team are Michael Kopp (GWRecordholder) and B.Boy Nox (3 Times Battle of the Year Winner).